Write for Rights – A unique competition to voice out your opinion

Have a lot to say but wondering who would listen? Wondering where to share your opinion? Your opinions will now count!

Team LurnQ is glad to announce an online opinion writing competition to take your opinions on 2 distinct topics and make them reach to a million of viewers, teachers, industry stalwarts and students.

Do you know LurnQ:
LurnQ attempts to change the way people experience education by providing them with access to an intelligent content discovery engine and a social stream that is constantly updated. The ability to create lessons/opinions on any topic and collaborate with everyone makes information abundant, concise and highly relevant. With over a million open learning resources already on the platform, LurnQ represents the future of knowledge sharing.

LurnQ Opinion

So why are we doing this?
We are doing this because we value knowledge and know that there is something to learn from everyone. We all have opinions. We just don’t know where to channel it to.
Opinions will give rise to discussions. Discussions to changes. And changes to democracy. It’s time we started and we’ll handle 2 topics at a time.

The Topics
1. Cultural Terrorism
2. Censorship on Social Networking Sites

What do you need to do?
Write your opinion on the above mentioned topics with a minimum of 500 words and apart from getting a splendid exposure, you can also win gift vouchers upto 5000 INR.

How to participate?
1. How to create an opinion on LurnQ is explained here
2. Register/login on LurnQ using the facebook login button on homepage
3. Click on Write opinion under Teach -> Write your opinion and give it a title -> Click Publish Opinion
4. Copy the link and submit your entry along with the link here

What’s in it for you?
Rs. 5000 worth of Prizes to be won!

1. 1st Prize Rs.1500/- Flipkart voucher
2. 2nd Prize Rs.1000/- Flipkart voucher
3. 3rd Prize Rs.500/- Flipkart Voucher
4. 3 Consolation Prizes worth Rs.300**

General Rules
1. Opinion should have atleast 500 words.
2. Participants are required to submit an ORIGINAL opinion. Any form of plagiarism will lead to direct ban.
3. Obscenity in any form is not allowed. Double Entrees and acceptable humour however is appreciated.
4. Participants are required to submit here. Only submissions on this link will be judged.
5. Last Date for entries is 24th Feb’ 2013. Entries after 11:59pm, 24th Feb will not considered.

Judging Criteria
50% weightage to content and 50% weightage to audience’s choice (number of shares, comments, tweets).

1. A good opinion is one which is supported by facts, news, references or personal experiences.
2. Good discussions on opinions will give you extra privilege

Join the discussion on twitter at #WriteForRights and Facebook event 

To get updates on the competition please follow LurnQ facebook page and Twitter. For any other queries please contact at

**Disclaimer: LurnQ team reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time.